About Us

Gabriel Bol Deng with students at new school in Ariang

HOPE for Ariang Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing South Sudanese with inclusive access to education, opportunities, and resources, with a special focus on women and girls –One village at a time.

Our Mission

We believe in the transformative power of literacy education to enable people reach their full human potential and human development… more >>

What We Do

HOPE believes in the transformative power of education in enabling people to reach their full human potential and development. HOPE is primarily involved in improving the access to and quality of education in Ariang. To achieve these, HOPE provides additional social services such as clean water, health care, and economic opportunities, which if left unattended to, pose a barrier to villagers’ educations. Finally, HOPE raises awareness in the US and abroad about the current situation in South Sudan and the need for a better education system in South Sudan.

Who We Serve

HOPE serves the people of Ariang village and neighboring rural communities. The organization places special attention on overcoming the economic and societal barriers that affect women and girls, and recognizes the importance of providing education to reduce the gender gap. HOPE seeks to create a sustainable model in Ariang that can be replicated to empower people in other regions of the country.

Where We Work

Map of South Sudan

HOPE operates in a rural region of post-conflict South Sudan. The nation has been destroyed by twenty-two years of civil war with the North, which has resulted in the deaths of more than 2.5 million people and the displacement of more than six million. In addition, what little infrastructure existed prior to the conflict has since been decimated. Learn more about Ariang and South Sudan >>

Gabriel Bol Deng & His Story

Promoting education in Ariang, South Sudan

The Story Behind the Cause. Gabriel Bol Deng has overcome unbelievable obstacles in life. He was 10 years old when North Sudanese Murahileen militiamen led a violent attack on his village of Ariang in South Sudan in 1987. He fled into a forest, not knowing the fate of his parents or siblings. After his escape, Gabriel embarked on a perilous four-month long journey, crossing the Nile River and untold miles of desert; surviving disease, and devastating hunger to reach the Dimma Refugee Camp in Ethiopia. Full story >>

Our History

Children in South Sudan wear HOPE for Ariang tshirts

It started with an idea—and 200 T-shirts!

“I was so struck by the state of suffering I saw in my native village of Ariang and throughout South Sudan. Now that I’m a witness to that state of suffering: what should I do?” – Gabriel Bol Deng. Learn more >>

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors plays a critical role in moving the mission of HOPE for Ariang Foundation forward. Meet the board >>