Susan Muldoon

Susan Muldoon is currently serving as the Director of Extended School Day programming for the Auburn Enlarged School City School District funded under No Child Left Behind as a 21st Century Community Learning Center with the Partnership for Results, a not for profit located in Auburn, New York.

She is a graduate of Cornell’s School of Industrial & Labor Relations enjoying a career in Human Resource Management in the paper, hospitality, and automotive industries as well as spending several years as a Teacher in Special Education in Western Maine.  Susan has acquired more graduate hours in education and related fields than she has tracked.

Susan has established precedent setting experience/project based learning programs correlated directly to the NYS and National Learning Standards in all subject areas for K-8th grade for school day, extended school day and out of school time use.

Without a doubt, Gabriel Bol Deng and H.O.P.E. For Ariang have provided the more than 2000 students at four of the Title I, (low income), schools she works with the most powerful, motivating and ‘measurable’ learning of all programming.  The ability for students to come face to face with an individual, who has suffered, endured, persevered, and overcome such adversity, summing it all up to them as resulting in the realization that “only through education will one truly succeed”, has had an incredible affect. Even Greg Mortenson, (pre-“controversy”), could not come close to the “Pennies” raised, in twice as many schools, in the same community, as Gabe.

Susan looks forward to developing, publishing, and establishing the prototype “Auburn to Ariang to Auburn” sustainable global learning community curriculum.  First in Auburn, New York, and then to the thirteen additional Auburn’s in the U. S. of A.!!!

She also looks forward to adding Southern Sudan as the twenty third country experienced and/or “lived in” in the not so distance future.  She counts her time spent associated with H.O.P.E. as among the most gratifying as Gabe’s strength, extreme intelligence, and fortitude permeates all he comes near!