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Teacher using board in classroom Students cannot receive quality instruction without trained teachers. Currently, most teachers in Ariang School have not completed primary or secondary education. These teachers cannot read and write basic English. None of the teachers have received formal teacher training. As a result, Ariang students have difficulty passing national exams qualifying them for secondary education.

Part of our mission is not only to build the school for the children of Ariang village, but also to ensure that children receive quality education by training teachers.

We recognize the importance of investing in these teachers’ education as a critical step for improving overall instruction in Ariang School. With the scholarship, these teachers will be able to get training and further their education in the Training Institute for Teachers.

Our Goal: HOPE for Ariang will invest in our local teachers through on-going teacher training and coaching program. 

Our teacher training program will consist of:

1. Teacher Institute

  • Teachers will participate in intensive teaching courses during school holidays and breaks. They will have opportunities to learn from leading African educators, observe exemplary teaching in action, and strengthen their content knowledge.

2. On-going Coaching

  • A Coaching Mentor will provide one-on-one support to Ariang teachers in the classroom. The Coach will use a variety of tools to observe the teachers, set personal goals, and guide teachers in personal teaching reflection.

You can sponsor a teacher by making a monthly contribution to the Teacher Scholarship Fund. Your financial support will help us to implement Ariang Teacher Training fully, starting in 2018.

  • $20/month Will provide instructional materials that one teacher needs for his or her classroom for a school year (pens, pencils, markers, notepads, and teacher planning books, etc).
  • $50/month Will assist with teacher training for Ariang teachers.
  • $100/month Will help to cover one-fifth of a teacher’s monthly salary.

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Sponsor a Teacher

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