Make One Time Donation

With your generous support you can help educate a new generation of children, giving them the opportunity to live a life free from the ravages of war and poverty in Sudan. Whether you donate your money or time to educate others about HOPE for Ariang’s mission, we thank you.

Uniforms for Ariang Girls

$25 per year will buy a uniform for one of our 230 female students which will encourage them to attend school. Some young girls do not attend school simply because their families cannot afford clothes or uniforms. Help reduce the barriers for our girls to get an education.

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Provide School Lunches

$60 for the next 6 months will cover the cost of nutritious meals for one student at Ariang School during the national food crisis. The provision of school meals will encourage children to attend school and ensure their health and well-being.

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Help a Child Stay Healthy

$30 per year will cover medicines for de-worming a child suffering from parasites (ie. luke worms, tapeworms). This will help children stay healthy, enhancing their ability to learn.

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Supply a Well

$3,500-4,000 will cover the cost of drilling a well to provide safe drinking water for students and their families. The close proximity of water to Ariang School will also shorten the traveling time that young girls have to make to fetch water. As a result, this water provision will increase enrollment rates for young women.

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