A Journey Begins

In just a little over a month, our family will be embarking on a new journey in South Sudan. In recent months I have received numerous questions like “What will your day to day look like?” or “What do your kids think?” My answer to almost all these types of questions are “I’m not sure. Ask me again in a few months.” The truth is I don’t have a clear picture of what life will look like for our family in South Sudan. There are only a few things I do know:

First, we are beyond ready for this journey. Our family has been separated since Gabriel returned to South Sudan to take a position in the Government. We are ready to be together again and for our kids to be able to kiss their Daddy in person instead of through a computer screen during a spotty Skype call.

Second, while our kids are young (aka, mobile) we want to positively contribute to South Sudan’s development and growth.  This is challenging and exciting times in the young country’s history and we hope that we can be part of her positive development, particularly through HOPE for Ariang education initiatives.

It is with these goals in mind that we take a “big leap” and embark on this new journey. The other questions that linger will sort themselves out over time. When our long time dream of living in South Sudan started to become more of a reality, the phrase “From the Ground Up” came to my mind. I’m not sure how this new journey will unfold for our family, but we will go with open hearts, eyes, ad ears in order to build from the ground up just as the young country’s resilient citizens are struggling to do on a daily basis.

I hope to use this blog to share this journey with you and communicate more directly about HOPE for Ariang’s work in South Sudan.

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Gabriel speaks at Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice

1,000+ Members of Jesuit Institutions to Gather at Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice

Gabriel Bol Deng speaker profile >>

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Dr. Cathy Leogrande

Cathy Leogrande is an Associate Professor of Education at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY. She was a public school teacher, administrator, and staff developer for over 20 years before earning her Ph.D. from Syracuse University in Curriculum & Instruction. Her research and teaching is focused on new literacies, Web 2.0 and participatory culture. She sees these areas as ways that we can build greater connections among peoples of the world. She is proud to say that Gabriel was her student at both the undergraduate and graduate level. She lives in Auburn, NY with her husband Joe, a retired teacher, and is the proud mom of two college students: Alexandra who attends Newhouse at Syracuse University, and Joey, who attends the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University. All four member of the family have a large collection of HOPE teeshirts.

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Laurie Gilmore Selleck

Laurie Gilmore Selleck is a professor at Cazenovia College where she directs the Visual Communications Program. She studied painting at The Art Institute of Boston, and earned her Master of Fine Arts degree in illustration from Syracuse University. She was a graphic designer and art director for Stickley, Audi & Co., before joining the faculty in 2000.

Selleck’s primary research interest is design activism, exploring topics such as cause-related marketing, mothers and war, and political propaganda. She has received research grants from the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History at Duke University, and the Modern Graphic History Library at Washington University in St. Louis. Her work has been displayed at the Center for the STudy of Political Graphics in Los Angeles, and the Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn.

She has produced graphic and web design work for non-profit organizations such as the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and Native Planet. Recent publications include peices for the Syracuse Cultural Workers, the Syracuse Peace Council and the Nordic Journal of English Studies.

She is chair of the Marketing/Website Committee of the board of the HOPE for Ariang Foundation; serves on the board of directors of ArtRage Gallery in Syracuse; and is an area chair for the Mid-Atlantic Popular American Culture Association.

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Lauri Pepe Bousquet

Lauri Pepe Bousquet is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Education Department. As well as teaching Undergraduate and Graduate courses, Lauri is a co-facilitator of CLAS ACT, a learning community for Freshmen interested in Education. As well, Lauri serves on the Education Department’s Curriculum and Policy Committees. Lauri is also a certified national consultant for the Northeast Foundation for Children in Turners Falls, MA, where she has developed program, taught and coached educators, critiqued professional resources and presented at conferences in the United States and internationally. As well, Lauri serves on the Board of Regents at Le Moyne College and the Founders’ Day Committee. Lauri is vice-president of the Board of HOPE for Ariang, a not-for-profit organization charged with building and sustaining a school in Southern Sudan. She is also a longstanding member of the Board of Directors of the CNY Teaching Center.

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Abby Davidson Maffei

Abby Davidson Maffei

Partnership Manager, Strategic Partnerships and Alliances –CARE USA Washington, DC

Master of International Relations ~ African Studies and International Economics

Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University

Master of Public Administration ~ International and Development Administration

Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University

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Susan Muldoon

Susan Muldoon is currently serving as the Director of Extended School Day programming for the Auburn Enlarged School City School District funded under No Child Left Behind as a 21st Century Community Learning Center with the Partnership for Results, a not for profit located in Auburn, New York.

She is a graduate of Cornell’s School of Industrial & Labor Relations enjoying a career in Human Resource Management in the paper, hospitality, and automotive industries as well as spending several years as a Teacher in Special Education in Western Maine.  Susan has acquired more graduate hours in education and related fields than she has tracked.

Susan has established precedent setting experience/project based learning programs correlated directly to the NYS and National Learning Standards in all subject areas for K-8th grade for school day, extended school day and out of school time use.

Without a doubt, Gabriel Bol Deng and H.O.P.E. For Ariang have provided the more than 2000 students at four of the Title I, (low income), schools she works with the most powerful, motivating and ‘measurable’ learning of all programming.  The ability for students to come face to face with an individual, who has suffered, endured, persevered, and overcome such adversity, summing it all up to them as resulting in the realization that “only through education will one truly succeed”, has had an incredible affect. Even Greg Mortenson, (pre-“controversy”), could not come close to the “Pennies” raised, in twice as many schools, in the same community, as Gabe.

Susan looks forward to developing, publishing, and establishing the prototype “Auburn to Ariang to Auburn” sustainable global learning community curriculum.  First in Auburn, New York, and then to the thirteen additional Auburn’s in the U. S. of A.!!!

She also looks forward to adding Southern Sudan as the twenty third country experienced and/or “lived in” in the not so distance future.  She counts her time spent associated with H.O.P.E. as among the most gratifying as Gabe’s strength, extreme intelligence, and fortitude permeates all he comes near!

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Susan Burgess

Susan Burgess has experience in consulting, training, curriculum development, business development, coaching, and teaching. She began her career as an educator and curriculum developer teaching and managing specialized learning centers in Southern California. She holds a masters degree in education.

She worked for ten years in marketing and advertising in the Pacific Northwest. She was on the executive team of several advertising agencies and was Vice President of Account Services for Evans Communications.

She also has a Masters degree in psychology specializing in clinical psychology and organizational behavior. She had a private therapy practice and is a licensed psychotherapist. Her practice in organizational development consulting includes working with organizations to improve collaboration and team dynamics. She works with executive teams to better communicate and implement strategy. Her clients include Hewlett Packard, the Boeing Airplane Company, Capital One, Coca-Cola Company and Humana.  In addition, a large part of her practice is focused on working with non-profit organizations partnering with them to build organizational capacity and sustainability to increase their ability to provide much needed services in their communities.

She is currently a partner and senior consultant with The Leading Element, LLC with offices in Seattle, Washington and Syracuse, New York.   Susan is on the Board of Directors for Hope for Ariang and volunteers her time working with several non-profit organizations.

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Adrienne Graves

Adrienne Graves currently works as Le Moyne College’s Assistant Director of Alumni and Parent Programs. Adrienne works closely on student to alumni transition and young alumni participation. In addition, she coordinates alumni events and is in charge of social media outreach. Prior to working for Le Moyne College, Adrienne spent a year as the Marketing Coordinator for Liverpool Federal Credit Union.

Adrienne graduated from Le Moyne College in 2009 as a Communications major, dually concentrating in Public Relations and Advertising. During her time as a student, Adrienne volunteered with HOPE for Ariang, creating PR strategies and organizing on-campus fundraisers. Adrienne has since returned to HOPE for Ariang to support the cause as a Board Member.

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Sharon Dettmer

Sharon Dettmer, PhD Board Secretary
Chair, Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Associate Professor, Social Science Cazenovia College

I have been teaching at Cazenovia College since 1995, and will soon begin my sixth year as chair the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences.  My doctorate is in Social Science with concentrations in International Development and United Nations Studies.  I have spent a number of years in other countries, including living and conducting research in Peru, Bolivia, Nepal, and India.   Presently, my teaching and research focus on social stratification, international human rights, and modern day slavery.   I also serve as faculty advisor to the Human Rights Club in which the students participate in a number of educational and fundraising events for Gabriel’s school in Sudan.

I am on the executive committee as the board secretary since the inception of HOPE for Ariang.   I also serve on the Teacher Communications and Connections Committees of the board.   My specific interests in our educational projects in Ariang concern gender disparities, and the intersection of education, health, and economics in the Sudanese families in Ariang.

In addition to working with HOPE for Ariang, I serve on the Steering Committee of Cazenovia College’s Middle States Self Study.  I have also worked with Catholic Charities in Syracuse and Brooklyn providing direct services to immigrant populations and other people in need, and in coordinating a volunteer program for college graduates.   I am very pleased to offer whatever assistance I am able to give in order to help Gabriel realize a healthy and educated population in Ariang and beyond.

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