Get Involved

How can you help?

HOPE for Ariang relies on the support of concerned individuals and committed groups of people. Together, we can do more than just get the word out. We can accomplish concrete goals toward providing education and health care for the children of Sudan. Choose an activity to get started!

Bricks of Hope

Student volunteers with bricks of hope school project
Sell each cardboard brick for $1 and post them at your school or workplace! Learn more >>

Screen a Film

Rebuilding HOPE documentary poster
Buy or screen our film on DVD to support our work in South Sudan. (Available on Netflix!) Learn more >>

Make a One-Time Donation

Gabriel with students holding donated books in South Sudan
With your generous support you can help educate a new generation of children in South Sudan. Learn how >>

Become an Friend of Ariang

Students at Ariang school need your sponsorship!
Consider committing with a small, monthly donation to sponsor a student or teacher. Sponsor now >>

Other Ways to Get Involved:

There are many creative ideas on how you or your group can get involved. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Educate others about the educational needs in Sudan.
  2. Invite Gabriel Bol Deng to speak at your school, university, a place of worship or place of work and invite the public to attend.
  3. Put together a fundraising event with proceeds going to the Ariang School Project.
  4. Attend local festivals or flea markets where non-profit organizations are permitted to set up tables. Sell t-shirts, wrist bands, buttons or raffle tickets to benefit Ariang school.
  5. Do you have a blog or website? Link to our Home page at
  6. Are you a student? Write an article about the Ariang school for your school newspaper or on-line blog.
  7. Focus media attention on the Ariang school project by writing a letter to the editor of your community newspaper, church bulletins and local cable news people. Express your concern for the crisis in Sudan and tell how you came to know about Hope for Ariang and why you believe that education is critical in a post-conflict society striving to rebuild itself. Letters can be written individually or as a part of a letter writing campaign. Letters and articles you write will help reach this goal. Do more by emailing or sending information to your friends and family members.

If you would like to do any of the above activities, or have your own ideas for activities or fundraising,
please contact us!