“Bricks Of Hope”

Building Ariang School One Brick At a Time

Student volunteers standing with HOPE bricks at their school

Westhill High School, Syracuse, NY, students raising money through “Brick of Hope”

Villagers stand with bricks at new school

Villagers building the school with the money from the “Brick of Hope”








The  “Bricks of Hope” fundraiser was developed by student Interns for HOPE who were inspired by Gabriel Bol Deng’s story. Below are their instructions for completing this project.

Gabriel Bol Deng escaped from his burning village during a civil war along with hundreds of other orphaned boys and spent months walking the desert, crossing the Nile and experiencing life without the things we take for granted. Fortunately, he was able to keep strong and persevere through hope as he encountered these obstacles and eventually was able to make it to America.

Since his arrival in the United States, Gabriel has started the foundation, “Hope for Ariang”, to reach out to those still suffering in his hometown. His main goal is to build a school for the children that will allow them the education that they deserve. He believes that if one can receive an education, they can “move a mountain”. By selling these cardboard bricks for $1 and displaying them on the wall of your school, you are opening the door for less fortunate children in need of education. With your school’s contribution, we are one step closer to raising awareness of global hardships.

How Does the Fundraiser Work? 

U.S. students volunteer with bricks of hope at their schoolIn the package you will receive there are 500 cardboard bricks representing the classrooms of Ariang School. Your goal is to sell each brick for $1. Each time you sell a brick, have the purchaser/student sign his or her name on the brick and then post the brick to your school wall or outer window.  Make sure it’s a wall that is seen by students and teachers every day to keep the passion of the project alive.


Just Some Ideas for Selling Bricks:

  • If Gabriel Bol Deng is speaking at your school, sell the bricks at a table outside the auditorium or classroom after his presentation.
  • Set up a table at lunch in the cafeteria.
  • Have a homeroom or specific classroom in charge of selling the bricks and make a contest of which homeroom can sell the most.
  • Sell bricks through the main office and make daily announcements.
  • Sell bricks after school to students involved in clubs, sports, etc.
  • Sell bricks at events such as talents shows, bake sales, sports events and conferences.

Thank you for your participation in our dedicated efforts to build Ariang School.

When you are finished selling the bricks, please send us a story and picture about your experience so that we can tell others of your wonderful efforts and also let the children in Ariang know about you. You can send the money you raise to:

HOPE for Ariang Foundation
P.O. Box 6887
Syracuse, NY 13217

Thank you so much for your participation in the “Brick Of Hope” fundraiser!