Summer 2016 Newsletter

A Family Mission

Furthering HOPE’s mission together

Deng Family

In July 2011, South Sudan became a newly formed country the same month that the Deng Family was established. Since then, Gabriel and Elizabeth have been dreaming, planning, and preparing to live and work full-time in South Sudan. Even after establishing HOPE for Ariang and building Ariang School, Gabriel had a growing sense of urgency to return to his home country to positively contribute to South Sudan’s development in other capacities mainly in the area of large scale nation building.  At the same time, Elizabeth, an ENL (English as a New Language) teacher, increasingly hoped to apply her teaching experience and skills to positively contribute to meeting the country’s educational goals where half of the school-age population is not currently attending school.
Five years later, those dreams are finally becoming reality. This July, Gabriel and Elizabeth with their children will be moving to Juba, South Sudan! Gabriel will continue his position that he has held for the past year in South Sudan’s Government while also advocating for Ariang School in Juba. Besides helping their three young children kids adjust to their new home, Elizabeth will begin providing closer support to Ariang School which may include work like teacher training seminars, developing new goals and priorities with community and school personnel, seeking out future partnerships with other education related agencies in South Sudan, and communicating the school’s progress and potential projects with you, our US supporters. They are eager for their family to make a positive impact in this young country and work together with the Ariang community to ensure that her citizens have opportunities to reach their fullest potential. As a HOPE for Ariang supporter, you are an extension of their family. Your financial support directly sustains Ariang School and the 650 future South Sudanese leaders who are learning there.
You can follow the Deng family in South Sudan at our website (Here)! Elizabeth will be communicating about their work as it relates to HOPE for Ariang to keep you informed and to involve you, our dear supporters, more closely with our future work and projects.
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