A Journey Begins

In just a little over a month, our family will be embarking on a new journey in South Sudan. In recent months I have received numerous questions like “What will your day to day look like?” or “What do your kids think?” My answer to almost all these types of questions are “I’m not sure. Ask me again in a few months.” The truth is I don’t have a clear picture of what life will look like for our family in South Sudan. There are only a few things I do know:

First, we are beyond ready for this journey. Our family has been separated since Gabriel returned to South Sudan to take a position in the Government. We are ready to be together again and for our kids to be able to kiss their Daddy in person instead of through a computer screen during a spotty Skype call.

Second, while our kids are young (aka, mobile) we want to positively contribute to South Sudan’s development and growth.  This is challenging and exciting times in the young country’s history and we hope that we can be part of her positive development, particularly through HOPE for Ariang education initiatives.

It is with these goals in mind that we take a “big leap” and embark on this new journey. The other questions that linger will sort themselves out over time. When our long time dream of living in South Sudan started to become more of a reality, the phrase “From the Ground Up” came to my mind. I’m not sure how this new journey will unfold for our family, but we will go with open hearts, eyes, ad ears in order to build from the ground up just as the young country’s resilient citizens are struggling to do on a daily basis.

I hope to use this blog to share this journey with you and communicate more directly about HOPE for Ariang’s work in South Sudan.