Canvas Peace Project Raffle

Artist Carolina Echeverria

Montreal, Canada

This Canvas Peace Project donated sculpture comes from a series called Little Dresses For The Heart. It has a retail value of $2,000. The sculpture piece is 6 x 8" on a surrounding frame that is 10 x 15.

In 2016 after 5 events were completed, the collective of Native-Immigrant came to be; a diverse group of individuals that believes that culture should be something alive and organic. The main activity of Native-Immigrant is the construction of dresses. Each dress collects objects that tell the story of who we really are.

Carolina has been working on an artistic statement of collective cultural values since 2010. As an artist, she seeks to bridge immigrants and First Nations, to talk about the space between Native and Immigrant by inserting a hyphen—a symbol of what holds us all together, to preserve the space in which dialogue, creativity, and true healing can occur. See:


Carolina Echeverria –  A Statement from the artist:

"I am an immigrant to Quebec, a place that has yet to embrace the profound gifts of either First Nations or immigrants (“les ethniques” as we’ve been called). From the start, I wanted to take part in the collective conversation. I wanted to talk about climate change and environmental concerns—things that the government does not show signs of wanting to discuss. Then I heard about Neskantaga: in the heart of the world's largest intact boreal wetland, this tiny First Nation community was fighting to protect their lands, their water and their way of life against mining projects such as the Ring of Fire. People were suiciding at such a high rate, a state of emergency had been declared. What could I do in the face of such heartbreaking news? This land is so vast, and we are so disconnected…. What I did was I mailed a hundred postcards saying that someone in Montreal cared, I cared, and I asked them to please not give up their struggle, please keep on protecting the water and their sacred land where their ancestors were buried. Months later I got postcards from school children saying “thank you.” I knew then that connecting was as simple as reaching out and speaking up, with heart.

Promoting hope is at the core of my artistic production; as an artist and social activist I have witnessed the power of artistic inspiration to create change.  Little Dresses for The Heart is a body of work created to empower women all over the world to become mindful about their heart’s deepest desires, where resilience, courage and self love reside against all odds.  My wish is that all women and young girls of South Sudan recognize their own inner strength, and that by collaborating with The Canvas Peace Project become active partners in the construction of a more just and kind society."

Funds raised through this art raffle will be used to support our girls initiatives in Ariang, South Sudan. A young girl is far less likely to get an education in South Sudan. HOPE for Ariang is working to reduce the cultural and economical barriers for girls to attend Ariang School. By providing them with school uniforms, classroom materials, and more private female pit latrines our female students are more likely to attend and stay in school. Today over 250 girls are being educated at Ariang School!

Raffle ticket price: 1 for $10 or buy 6 tickets for $51

One winner will be drawn at random on December 15th, 2016




Price: $10.00


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