Shoes for Ariang

The Need:

Ariang Primary School is located in a rural village within South Sudan and educates close to 700 students each year. As one of the only Primary Schools in the area, most students walk up to 2 hours a day to reach school. Without proper footwear, the long trek can be difficult and sometimes even dangerous.

HOPE for Ariang Foundation seeks to reduce the barriers for students to receive quality education.With this purpose in mind, it is our goal to provide every student at Ariang School with a new pair of shoes during the 2018 academic school year.


The Plan:

HOPE for Ariang will purchase high quality shoes in Nairobi, Kenya to be able to get to school each day and will last until they outgrow them. Our goal is to distribute shoes (as well as new uniforms) at the beginning of the new academic year in February 2018.


Learning from the experiences of other charitable organizations in East Africa, we will establish a “Family Partnership Fund” through our shoe distribution. Families will be asked to contribute 15ssp (about 10 cents) when they receive the shoes for their children. The funds raised from “The Family Partnership Fund” will be directly invested back into Ariang Primary School towards a project that the families select. This small contribution will create a deeper sense of school community and help families feel more invested.

For $15, you can purchase a pair of shoes for one Ariang student! 

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