Educating Girls

Girls education in Ariang with Elizabeth Bol Deng

HOPE places special attention on overcoming the barriers that prevent women and girls from obtaining literacy education and gaining access to economic opportunities. To reduce cultural barriers, HOPE hired its first female teacher, is building separate latrines for boys and girls, and plans to make uniforms affordable in the near future by producing them in the school. The Foundation is also involved in projects such as building water wells so that girls are able to spend their day in the classroom rather than performing traditional cultural roles such as fetching water for their households. Additionally, HOPE is responding to the needs of the women in the village by providing vocational training and microfinance opportunities. Together, these efforts increase girls’ attendance in school and empower women so that all citizens are able to contribute to and benefit from the opportunities of an improved society.

Women and girls use a drilled water well Girls study on desks at the new Ariang school

What You Can Do

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girls education in south sudan
  • $15 provides school lunch for a month
  • $20 provides one student with a full set of text books
  • $25 buys a set of school uniforms for one student for one year
  • $30 provides one student with a backpack full of school supplies and textbooks

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