Training Teachers

Teacher training session in Ariang, South Sudan

The purpose of the Training Institute for Teachers is to prepare current educators for South Sudan to effectively teach the curriculum in Primary and Secondary Schools. The Institute provides direct and individualized teacher training, which takes place in schools. Our Training Institute equips teachers with the quality strategies that will enhance and enrich their best teaching practices in the classrooms. The Training Institute puts more emphasis on improving teachers’ English language skills and teaching strategies.

Problem: Currently the trainings and workshops for teachers are conducted during school holidays. After one to four weeks of training, teachers return to their respective classrooms without follow-up. Teaching strategies learned from the training are often lost because teachers lack instructional support after the training and beyond.

Our solution: The Institute helps to bridge the gap between the training session and classroom implementation by directly placing our master trainers in the schools to provide one-on-one mentoring for the teachers. Our experts serve as the link between training session and effective implementation for collaborating schools.

How our Training Program Works:

Mr. Akeen teaching in his classroom in Ariang

Mr. Akeen teaching in his classroom in Ariang

The Training Institute for Teachers works in collaboration with the GOSS Ministry of Education, State Ministry of Education, and Directors of County school administrators to select school partners for our primary and secondary training programs. Our experienced educators will observe lessons and provide feedback for each school partner. The Institute will organize small-group English language and pedagogy classes, model lessons.

Teacher Trainers will attend an intensive education course to learn and practice a variety of skills and strategies for working with teachers at various partner schools. The Institute educator will lead this highly interactive training session. The training will be conducted in both large and small breakout groups. Much of the training will be a hands-on discovery drawn from the local and National Curriculum of South Sudan.

The teacher-learners will design, practice lessons, and instructional activities in the subject content. A certificate of participation will be awarded upon completion of the training.

Learning Objectives: As a result of this training, teachers will demonstrate:

  • A strong understanding of curriculum and its impact on teaching and learning
  • A solid understanding of the lesson planning and delivery
  • A strong understanding of designing and writing learning objectives
  • A clear understanding of how teaching styles can affect student learning


Elizabeth and Gabriel with the teachers in Ariang School.

What You Can Do

Students can not receive a proper education without trained teachers. Currently, most teachers in Ariang School have not completed primary and secondary education. None of the teachers have received formal teacher training. Part of our mission is not only to build the school, but also to provide effective trainings and scholarships for current and prospective teachers. This will address long term, effective instruction for the Ariang School.

Sponsor A Teacher

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  • $35 buys instructional materials for a school year
  • $150 covers training fee for one teacher
  • $500 covers a monthly salary for one teacher

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