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HOPE for Ariang is a charitable foundation dedicated to providing South Sudanese with inclusive access to education, opportunities, and resources with a special focus on girls – One village at a time.

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Documentary Film: Rebuilding Hope

“Rebuilding Hope,” the work of award-winning documentary filmmaker Jen Marlowe, has brought Gabriel’s story and the Ariang School project to the attention of film audiences worldwide. The film chronicles the struggle for survival and the ultimate triumph of Gabriel and his two Sudanese friends, Koor Garang Chol and Samuel Garang Mayuol. Their journeys from “Lost Boys” to college graduates, American citizens, and directors of relief efforts provide the foundation for Marlowe’s moving film. “This film isn’t just a movie about Sudan. It’s not just a movie about refugees returning home. It’s about identity and family, and a central question all of us confront: What is my responsibility in the world? What can I do from where I am and what I have?” Jen Marlowe, Director of Rebuilding Hope

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Ariang School Teacher Training.

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Today was hard. By mid-day I was overwhelmed by just how challenging…