Our Mission Model Is Succeeding

Our 10-Year Journey

We have remained steadfast in supporting our Ariang Network of Schools with learning resources, teacher development opportunities, school management efforts, and the development of internal school leadership capacities.

In the last 10 years, the quality of education at all Ariang Network of Schools has gone up. Teachers have become more focused and objective in teaching and the students have embraced education even more.

What Are The Indicators?

Recently, we have seen increased re-enrollments from students that dropped out of school. They tell us that they have re-evaluated their life goals and have realized the importance of education in achieving the goals. This is a noble decision that many students continue to make and a powerful indicator that a positive change is happening.

Some young students of Ariang School.
  • Our Ariang Network of schools population is 2,500. When we started, Ariang School for example had less than 100 students and had the highest student population amongst our 3 schools.

  • 394 students have now graduated from our Ariang Network of Schools since 2011.
  • The number of students graduating from our school has doubled in just 10 years.

  • Daily average attendance of students has continued to improve each year. This is a powerful indicator that our school culture is improving.
  • The number of students transitioning to secondary school has continued to increase for both boys and girls. More and more parents/guardians have realized how vital it is for their kids to receive the highest level of education and are now getting more supportive.
  • The gender distribution amongst students is now nearly 1 to 1 – a significant improvement from 1 to 4 (girls to boys) in 2011. This is commendable and worth a celebration and a powerful indicator that our effort to reduce barriers that limit girls to stay in school is paying off.
  • Kids dropping out of school is one of the biggest challenges schools face across South Sudan. We work to mitigate this challenge and we are happy to report that our intervention is working but there is still a lot of work to be done.
Know Mading Blog Cover Photo
Some students of Mading School. A school we support through our Ariang Network of Schools.

Each $10 = 1 year school supplies for one kid. We have a total of over 2,505 kids that we are supporting. Every dollar counts!! Support this program with books and other supplies.

Our 2020 Cohort Graduated | And Performed Exceptionally Well

A section of our 2020 cohort a few minutes before entering the exam room. All ready and equipped with knowledge. They did well.

Our 2020 cohort performed incredibly well in their national exams. All 47 passed and pushed the percentage up by 3.80% compared to previous year. See a detailed performance here.

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