John Gitonga

Program Coordinator


John joined HFA to fill the position of Program Coordinator in Kenya. He has a strong background in ICT, database administration, organizational management, business writing & research, conflict resolution, and leadership.

His journey started at Tennessee Institute of Information Technology where he enrolled in computer studies soon after high school. Being an internally displaced person, he volunteered to work at the same institute so that he could help out other youths to access computer education and start small businesses. To do this, he founded a youth organization called Investment and Power of Vision Initiative. This organization mentored youths on financial literacy and investment opportunities. After about 10 years of service to his community, John left his hometown for Nairobi to continue his studies at Tunapanda Institute. At Tunapanda Institute, he demonstrated very reliable and concrete skills in leadership and organization management which saw Tunapanda retain him after graduation. He worked at Tunapanda as an ICT trainer, researcher, email & social media marketing officer, and as the head of operations sales & marketing.

At HFA, John handles all coordination of all operational and logistical strategies of the organization. Other roles include handling all HFA’s partners, organization’s social media accounts, communications. Thinking long-term, he wants to help with business development for all beneficiaries of Hope for Ariang Foundation.


Josephine Lukas

Program assistant

Prior to joining Hope For Ariang,  Josephine worked with Tunapanda Institute as an apprentice, Finance assistant, and a business trainer.

She joined HFA as Program assistant with the focus on supporting planning and implementation of special projects.  

She believes in creating opportunities for others especially youths and women.

She loves training, mentoring and coaching young people to be long-life learners, earners, and problem solvers.