Scholars Empowerment Program

Equipping Future Leaders of South Sudan

Scholars Empowerment Program (SEP) is designed to develop scholars’ full-capacity through a holistic two-folded approach:

High School scholarship develops the students’ core academic competencies in arts and sciences and will lead to a high school certificate.  The Bany Akolda seminar classes then develop scholars’ leadership capacity by nurturing important 21st-century skills like creative problem solving, peacebuilding, perseverance/grit, communication, and collaboration. “Bany Akolda” means leaders of tomorrow in Dinka, what we hope each SEP student will become. These interactive workshop-style classes are taught by local leaders during school breaks throughout their four years in high school.

The Need

Ariang Primary has an average of 45 students sit annually for the National Primary Examination at the completion of eighth grade, with an increasing passing rate each year. After graduating, the future is unclear for many students due to many obstacles in their way.

There are many reasons that contribute to this, most of which revolve around generational poverty, few schools within reach, lack of fees, and early marriage. SEP champions the vision of a world where every child can access higher education and reach his or her full potential in life.

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How To Help?

High School fees and other boarding school requirements cost $480 annually per student. Become a monthly donor by choosing an amount in the denominations below.

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