What Hope For Ariang Does

Ariang Network of Schools

The Education Context in South Sudan: More than half of all school-age children are not in school. (Source: UNICEF73% of girls in South Sudan do not go to school and is considered the toughest country in the world for a girl to receive an education. (Source: One Campaign58% of South Sudan primary teachers are untrained. (Source: UNICEFDespite the challenges of operating in a post-conflict environment, HOPE for Ariang Foundation is committed to advancing its mission and program services by providing access to quality education in South Sudan. Read more. 

Teacher Training…

Throughout South Sudan, there is a shortage of qualified teachers. The majority of teachers in South Sudan have no formal teacher training and only hold a secondary school certificate. At HOPE for Ariang Foundation, we believe that when there is quality instruction happening in the classroom, then students are much more likely to succeed academically. Qualified teachers foster a more conducive learning environment, student-oriented learning, and positive school growth.

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Student Sponsorship…

HOPE for Ariang Foundation recognizes the obstacles for a student to continue learning after completing their primary education at Ariang Primary School. The obstacles become even harder for a young girl in South Sudan. In order to provide increased opportunities for Ariang Primary School graduates to attend secondary school, HOPE for Ariang is launching a new scholarship program for qualified students. Students will be selected through an application and interview process where grades, teacher recommendations, school attendance, and motivation are considered. Read More

Women and Girls Empowerment

There is an increased inability for young girls to join high school (Youth female illiteracy level stands at 52.2% – WORLD DATA ATLAS 2015) and for women to access decent jobs and economic growth. Girls also face early marriages and their education is largely neglected by the community. Read more