The Need: Support for Ariang Network of Schools – 2023

Greetings from the HOPE team,

We welcome you to support our Springs fundraiser for the 2nd term in 2023. Help us raise $10,000 to support the Ariang Network of Schools to provide lunch meals and basic learning resources to 3,020 students and their teachers. 

  1. Send a check to HOPE for Ariang Foundation, P.O Box 569, Syracuse, NY, 13214
  2. Become a monthly giver for as little as $10

The Current Situation – In A Nutshell

The community of Ariang faces enormous challenges. The flooding of 2022 destroyed the crops in the field, leaving many families without farm harvest. Currently, hunger is ravaging many communities and there is looming famine, and excessive flooding is projected to come early this year. All of these challenges are compounded by the ongoing war in Sudan. Though our schools and people of Ariang are physically safe, they are already experiencing devastating impacts in the market since Sudan is a major supplier of essential goods including school supplies.

Growth Amid Challenges

Thank you for supporting us to get learning back on track after the undeserved break caused by flooding in 2022. The flooding caused an acute food scarcity, halted trading, and submerged people’s houses, markets, and schools. The Ariang Network of Schools (ANS) Students’ population dropped almost by half. This was increasingly worrying but we are happy to report that we registered 3,020 students in 2023 – an enormous growth from under 100 in 2007 to 3,020 in 2023. Still, there are more kids not in school in the Ariang region and surrounding villages that we hope to enroll in the coming days.

Successes of SEP and WEP

SEP: Our high school sponsorship program will graduate the first cohort this year. We are already impressed by the successes of SEP and its leadership program, Bany Akolda. We will give a comprehensive update on SEP soon. Stay tuned!

WEP: HFA’s women empowerment program graduates are now running small profitable businesses. It is great to see them providing for their families through modest ventures. And this is the impactful goal of our community empowerment which would have been overly stretching for us without your generosity.

Other Ways You Can Support HFA

We also encourage you to choose HOPE for Ariang Foundation as your favorite Amazon Smile Charity and share this information with your family and friends. No Amount Is Small!

With Deep gratitude,

Gabriel Bol Deng

Founder and Executive Director, 

HOPE for Ariang Foundation