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HOPE in the News

  • Whitman Voices

    In South Sudan, 6,754 miles away from Syracuse, N.Y., Hope for Ariang is changing the norms around education. Currently, the country has a 27 percent literacy rate, and is ranked second to last in providing children access to education. 

  • Community Advocate

    Westborough – After attending a special program in October, called The Power of Hope, with guest speaker Gabriel Bol Deng, several students from the Mill Pond School approached their teachers to see if there was anything they could do to help. 

  • The Catholic Sun

    In 2011, after an unflagging fund-raising campaign supported by many in Central N.Y., South Sudanese former “Lost Boy” and Le Moyne College alumnus Gabriel Bol Deng realized his dream of building a primary school in his home village of Ariang.

  • Construction of new school in South Sudan

    The lives of children in the village of Ariang, in southern Sudan, have been greatly improved now that they can learn their lessons at a desk inside a school building rather than sitting under a tree. 

  • Improving Lives with Clean Water and Education

    Gabriel was ten years old when he lost his parents during the war in southern Sudan. It was 1987 when the northern Sudanese militiamen invaded his village of Ariang. The militia swept through the village, killing its inhabitants and burning everything in sight.