Achievements of 2019: Teaching and Learning Scholars Empowerment Women Empowerment


Teaching and Learning

 1,100 students continued to receive a high-quality education. We issued out over 6,000 exercise books and 2,800 pens/pencils to the students to ensure that they continued with their studies without interruptions or stress.


We bought and distributed 73 HOPE-branded backpacks along with 73 solar-powered lanterns to our eighth-graders to enable them to study at night and early mornings to prepare for national exams.


Successfully completed a year-long teacher training and coaching with six teachers.


Student enrichment clubs established: football club, boys and girls volleyball club, track team, debate team, and drama. Final tournaments with award ceremonies were conducted in November 2019 


We introduced a new attendance tracking system at Ariang Primary School to better examine attendance patterns and address attendance issues. 


We conducted TWO PTA meetings were with Ariang administration, teachers, and students to discuss school-wide issues together. 


All students were assigned to a school established house (team) to foster a sense of community and responsibility. 


A Health and Hygiene committee was established with representatives from Ariang’s kitchen, administration, and teaching staff in addition to students. The committee developed new policies for promoting better health and hygiene for all at school. 

In Partnership with The DeWitt Community Church in Syracuse

We distributed teaching and learning resources such as teachers’ anchor charts, math teaching tools, and stencils to help duplicate training materials. We also painted a few academic stencils, letters and numbers on the walls of a few Ariang School classrooms.


We conducted one teacher capacity-building workshop with all Ariang School teachers to ensure our teachers continue to hone their teaching and lesson delivery skills.


We launched the Ariang School Board Games Club where we distributed 30 checkerboards and trained over 100 students and members of staff how to play the game.


We conducted needs assessments in our sister schools: Mading Primary and Nyieth Primary) and served 950 students with school supplies (books, pens, and soccer balls).


DeWitt Community Church, Syracuse

In Partnership with Tailored for Education

We were able to buy and distribute to the students, 1,000 pairs of shoes and locally-made uniforms.


Buying these items from local vendors supported the economic activities of area residents which are key in revitalizing business and entrepreneurship in the area.


Tailored for Education

Scholars Empowerment – Secondary School Sponsorship Program

Launched Scholars Empowerment Program where we enabled nine deserving Ariang School graduates to join high school.  

We supported all the NINE SEP scholars with all the required boarding and learning materials; including paying their school fees for the whole year, uniforms, shoes, books & pens, and calculators. We also supplied our girls with the necessary items for menstrual health management.

Launched Bany Akolda Leadership Seminars and conducted two training sessions where SEP scholars received high-quality training on leadership and 21st-century skills.

Community Empowerment – Women and Girls Empowerment

We launched our Women Empowerment Program (WEP) with an initial pilot program. We fully sponsored one Ariang woman to learn sewing and tailoring skills. During the first phase of the training, she received a sewing and overlock machines. She learned how to operate the machines and make basic clothing items. The second phase, which began at the end of 2019, will focus on increasing her sewing fluency, business leadership, and financial literacy.


We bought and distributed 5 kilos of beads to a group of girls in the Ariang village. This group has shown entrepreneurial skills and potential and has been facing difficulties with raising capital to get their ventures off the ground. We are also looking into helping to market their goods.


Distributed soccer jerseys and balls to Madul Football club, a community-led youth initiative.