Training Teachers

Throughout South Sudan, there is a shortage of qualified teachers. The majority of teachers in South Sudan have no formal teacher training and only hold a secondary school certificate. At HOPE for Ariang Foundation, we believe that when there is quality instruction happening in the classroom, then students are much more likely to succeed academically. Qualified teachers foster a more conducive learning environment, student-oriented learning, and positive school growth.

There are nineteen (19) Ariang Primary School teachers. They are members of the Ariang community and are teaching because they are committed to their community and possess a deep conviction that education is what will transform and develop their community.

Since Ariang School building’s opening in 2011, HOPE for Ariang has supported the teachers through short-term teacher training given by Executive Directors and educators, Gabriel and Elizabeth Deng. In 2015 the head teacher, Samuel Kuer Aken participated in a year-long Teacher Training College in Juba, South Sudan. Recognizing the need for a more comprehensive teacher training program, HOPE for Ariang is excited to partner with Dignitas in 2018.

Dignitas, a non-profit in Nairobi, Kenya, is a leading education non-profit organization whose mission is to equip and empower educators in marginalized communities who will transform opportunities for the next generation. Since launching the Leadership Training Institute in 2011, Dignitas has trained over 569 educators in 62 schools across six communities, reaching over 21,000 students. You can read more about Dignitas’ work by visiting their website.