Photos That Tell Good Stories

Photos That Tell Good Stories

Weaving the future with the threads of education and hope

There is nearly an equal ratio of boys to girls in all our Ariang Network of Schools. Primary education has become more affordable and accessible to both girls and boys. HOPE for Ariang is reaching over 2,500 students through the Ariang Network of Schools program.


Photos that tell good stories ~ Ariang School

More kids are enrolling in school at the right age. This is important in helping the kids to adopt a good school culture and feel it more ingrained in them. Young kids are more receptive to teachers’ advice and this has the potential to increase their chances of staying in school until they graduate. In South Sudan, barriers that prevent kids from staying in school (or focusing on education) tend to increase as kids grow older (especially girls).


Photos that tell good stories ~ Mading School

Over 90% of the students in the Ariang Network of Schools now have good school uniforms and shoes. Uniforms and shoes have restored the dignity of the students and this has made education more equitable by reducing socioeconomic disparities amongst the students.


Photos that tell good stories ~ Women Empowerment Program

We received another grant to make 570 pairs of uniforms for the Mading School (the school under a collection of trees in an open field). In the photo is mama Akuach (our WEP graduate) at her tailoring workshop. She is leading the uniform-making project and her quality of work is incredibly spot on.


Photos That Tell Good Stories
Photos That Tell Good Stories ~ Scholars Empowerment Program

Monica (left) and Regina (right): These two are among the group of Scholars that joined our high school sponsorship program in 2018. Monica is graduating high school this year while Regina will graduate a year after Monica.

Where there is will there is a way!

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