$21,457 out of $20,000 raised

Check donations can be sent to: HOPE for Ariang Foundation, P.O. Box 15327, Syracuse, NY 13215

Help us reach our goal of $20,000 by December 31, 2020! A donation made to HOPE for Ariang is empowerment for one kid. A small act of kindness can change the life of a kid or a girl or a woman in South Sudan. Donate now!

Your donation impact | Your donation will help:

  • 2,000 students to return to school and access high-quality education

  • 60 teachers to return to school and continue giving high-quality instructions. Teachers in South Sudan get as low as $25 per month. HFA helps supplement teachers salaries for a more fare living wage

  • 15 high school students to return to school in 2021 and continue receiving leadership training and mentorship that will help them serve their community and solve local problems

  • more women to continue accessing entrepreneurship and economic opportunities to rebuild their lives

The pangs of the pandemic

The pandemic has made it very difficult for HOPE for Ariang to raise funds this year. This campaign is crucial for us to be able to sustain all our six programs. Many parts of Ariang received intense flash floods since November 2019. The floods lead to reduced crop yields which left many families vulnerable to hunger. The situation deteriorated with the pandemic as the economy of South Sudan struggled when borders crossed to curb covid-19. With these challenges at play, many students will not be able to return to school or will need a lot of support to be able to.

The dream of every parent anywhere in the world

..is to see their kids flourish, become independent and access life opportunities. As much as this is also the dream of the parents of Ariang, they are still held back from meeting it by several factors: The country is recovering from 30 years of civil wars with North Sudan which destroyed school infrastructures, decimated the economy of the region, and decreased employment opportunities. When we come together, we can accomplish great things and offer a little help to the kids so that they can realize their full potential in life. Small acts of kindness can change the world.

What are the risks if kids are not able to return to school?

Potential short term and long term outcomes

  • Lack of ideal youth which would lead to communal violence and social crimes

  • Child marriages which would greatly contribute to poor maternal health outcomes

  • Increase in poverty levels because many of them would not be able to find decent jobs or have the right skills to set up and run their businesses

What inspires our donors? Listen to Cathy Fox’s motivations

(UNICEF says over 6.5 million people are facing the threat of hunger and  UNESCO estimates 2.2 million students were out of school before covid in South Sudan)