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The Construction Of Bathrooms And A Septic Tank

We are happy to announce the near completion of three bathrooms and a septic tank. Schools in South Sudan have not resumed due to Covid-19. We took the time to build a septic tank and three separate bathrooms – one for our ‘strong’ girls, another for boys, and another for staff members). All bathrooms are strong and big enough to accommodate our ever-growing school population. All three units are almost complete.

The Construction Of Rainwater Collection And Storage Unit

We have installed gutters all around the school building to help harvest rainwater. This water will be collected and channeled to a storage unit that we have constructed. This will ensure we have clean quality water for drinking and cooking within Ariang school compound. We faced a few challenges in 2019 when Ariang School’s borehole handpump broke down. With this tank in place, we ensure uninterrupted water supply to our students.

Our COVID-19 Community Training Program Is Complete

Training and Results: We reached out to the community in the six villages of Ariang through door-to-door training, printed T-shirts, horn-speaker broadcasting, and held one radio show where we discussed COVID-19 preventative measures and social & health risks associated with the virus. Our training targeted key areas that included open-air markets where people gather in large numbers and river crossing points where we trained the community on how to properly use canoes to reduce the threat of contracting the virus. We set up handwashing stations in each of these locations and supplied them with sufficient handwashing detergents.

Community Leadership: Many community members had identified long-distance traders and motorbike operators as potential agents that would introduce the virus to Ariang. For these groups, our team emphasized that they strictly observe social-distancing rules and be extra cautious while carrying out their nation-building activities. We also distributed 600 facemasks to these groups. The 600 facemasks are part of thousands of more facemasks that we are making in partnership with other two organizations.

Learning Points: This project was an exciting one. We tested our team’s collaboration, teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership skills. Every morning, Our team would meet to discuss the successes and shortfalls of the previous day and come up with creative solutions to address the shortfalls. We involved our SEP scholars so that they could learn planning and management skills while they also practiced goal-setting and effective plan execution strategies. Our leadership team on the ground (Paulino nad Manut) did a great job of reaching out to the county government, local ministry of health, and key village icons for support and advice. All these contributed to the success of the project.

Gratitude: We would like to express our gratitude to all our supporters for all kinds of support that you gave. We truly appreciate it. Thank you.

Repair of blackboards In Ariang School

In 2019, our teachers requested that HFA management prioritizes the repair of all school blackboards. We are happy to announce that we have successfully addressed this problem.

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