HOPE for Ariang’s Success Stories of 2020

Going Above and Beyond What We Promise

Expansion of Ariang School | Construction of new permanent school structures

Built 3 new sets of bathrooms at Ariang school (All units are fitted with modern toilet basins and proper drainage)

Constructed a septic tank at Ariang School where all the bathrooms drain their waste

Installed gutters all around the Ariang School building and constructed a rainwater storage tank

Repaired all worn-out blackboards at Ariang School

Built part of the Ariang School perimeter. We will be happy to share photos of this great project once completed.

Drilled a new borehole at Ariang School – the old one collapsed on the inside and would not be repaired

Repaired all broken parts of boreholes in all three primary schools that we support

The construction of teachers’ quarters is ongoing as well. Happy to share photos once the project is completed.

Expansion of our Scholars Empowerment Program

Supported 6 more students (4 girls and 2 boys) to transition to high school. We paid their full school fees, bought them boarding materials, and school supplies, and dignity kits for girls. We are now supporting a total of 15 students through high school

Women Entrepreneurship Through WEP

Continued supporting our WEP scholar to strengthen her sewing skills. We bought her sewing materials and coached her on business leadership and management skills. She has now started her tailoring business even though on a very small scale

Community Empowerment | Covid-19 Training and Relief Aid

  • Covid-19 Community Training and Relief Aid

    Reached 700 households with covid-19 preparedness training and aid support

  • Handwashing Stations Installation

    We installed 10 handwashing stations at strategic locations in the 6 villages of Araing and supplied them with sufficient handwashing detergents

  • Massive Mask Production

    At the initial stages of Covid-19 preparations, HOPE for Ariang distributed 600 facemasks to most-at-risk persons in the community such as long-distance traders and motorbike operators. 


    To reach more people across South Sudan, we partnered with three other organizations to fund a massive facemasks production project. Together, we recruited local tailors to make 10,000 facemasks that were distributed across all major towns in South Sudan