We Are Celebrating Our Girls. They Have All Made Us So Proud!

Victories Worth Celebrating!

These are the six new students that joined our Scholars Empowerment Program (SEP)! Look at those broad smiles of hope that came up after we broke the news to them that they had been accepted to join SEP. They all have very inspiring stories and we would like to share a few of these stories with you. (From left: Rebecca, Jennifer, Regina, Roda, William, and Valentino)

Girls Rising To Top Places!

Proud of their continued growth

For the first time in the history of Ariang School, the girls beat their counterparts, the boys, at the mean score. This is worth celebrating. HOPE for Ariang has been very instrumental in advocating for girls’ rights to education in Ariang. We have started several initiatives to support girls to enroll and stay in school until they graduate. Even though it was not culturally wrong for girls to study, many missed out on educational and leadership opportunities. The majority lack proper guidance while others are married off while still very young.


We have seen a few returning to school as married women just to quench their thirst for education. And now here they are coming out strong! In 2018, their mean score at the national examination went up by +18.17% and +14.29% in 2019. This shows that they have maintained a continued growth which is commendable. Cheers!

We Are Celebrating Rebecca!

We are VERY proud of her

Rebecca is a very ambitious, confident and goal-driven girl with strong leadership qualities that set her apart. Her communication, resilience, and willingness to help her fellow students are commendable. She remains positive and optimistic at all times. She is very determined to complete high school and transition to university so that she can realize her full potential in life. This is wonderful to hear from a South Sudanese girl. We are proud of her for completing primary education and passing with very high grades.


Rebecca is one of the six new Ariang School graduates that qualified to join our Scholars Empowerment Program (SEP). HOPE for Ariang has already paid her school fees, bought her all boarding requirements, and enrolled her at Lahu-Nhom secondary school. We are very optimistic that she will graduate high school and proceed to college to follow her dreams.

This is Roda, Another academic giant

You will love her story

Roda emerged as the second-top girl and number seven overall at Ariang School. In our interview with her, Roda expressed her desire to become a doctor (Doctor is a highly respected profession in South Sudan and many girls aspire to be doctors).


However, Roda is fully aware that there exists several other professions and a proper and more realistic answer regarding her career goal would be realized in high school or beyond. This was strong and we couldn’t agree more because according to the World Economic Forum, current primary school learners will work in jobs that are not existing already.


She told us that she would be happy traveling the world and helping people wherever she goes. That was unique and inspired us to let her join our sponsorship program.

Roda and the other three girls that joined SEP.

This is her when she came for the interview: calm and well prepared in her mind.

All these six students are already in school – thanks to you for supporting our 2019 Fall Campaign. We were able to raise enough money for the first year fees and boarding materials.

If you would like to support their continued secondary school education so that they can study without interruption as well as their leadership training kindly click the button below to send your donation.

This is a great way of making a lasting solution to challenges that are facing the people of Ariang.